On January 25, 2018, sponsored by Siemens Corporate Social Responsibility Promotion Center, the 2018 CRO Global Summit hosted by SynTao was held at the Shanghai PwC Innovation Center. This summit brings together many business leaders, industry representatives and experts in related fields to interpret the theme of “Sustainability ,THE ENGINE OF Future Business” from the perspective of sharing economy, gender equality, business development, and investment risk. There are four hot topics: sustainable cities , new retail fashion, NPC Health, and new technology applications. From the perspective of sustainable development, we will explore new forms and trends of business development in the future.


SynTao co-founder and chairman, Mr. Shi Wein, founder of Calvert Fund

SynTao co-founder and chairman, Mr. Shi Wein, founder of Calvert Fund, gave the opening remarks. Mr. Shi Wein pointed out that the emergence of the Chief Responsibility Officer represents a new era in the construction of corporate social responsibility. For companies, the realization of social value is as important as the commercial value.


 Dr. Zhu Dajian, distinguished professor of Tongji University

Dr. Zhu Dajian, an expert in the field of sustainable development and a distinguished professor at Tongji University, started from the green consumption and recycling economy, interpreted sustainable consumption patterns for us, and emphasized the role of “sharing economy” to development of a sustainable urban.


Ms. Wang Wei, Chief Law Officer of Mary Kay (China) Co., Ltd.

Mary Kay Vice President, Ms. Wang Wei, Chief Law Officer of Mary Kay (China) Co., Ltd. believes that sustainable development should give women more opportunities to participate in economic development. Women’s participation in economic development is to promote gender equality and social development.


Dr. Lu Jianzhong, president of Weir China

Dr. Lu Jianzhong, president of Weir Group China, analyzed the challenges and responses of sustainable business. He pointed out that sustainable development has become an important basis for companies to rethink their positioning.


Robert Rubinstein, chairman and founding partner of TBLI GROUP

Robert Rubinstein, chairman and founding partner of TBLI GROUP, gave a speech on “Sustainable Development is Changing the Investment Industry”. Mr. Rubinstein emphasized the influence of sustainable development in the investment field.


The exploration of sustainable development requires the collision of thoughts and the close communication among multi-stakeholders. The “Sustainability ,THE ENGINE OF Future Business” roundtable forum invitesmany experts to explore how sustainable development translates into business value drivers.

Publishing 2018 Chinese CSR Ten Trends


Dr. Guo Peiyuan, founder and general manager of Syntao, published and interpreted “The Top Ten Trends of CSR in China in 2018”. Based on observations and reflections on the evolution of China’s and global CSR development over the past ten years, SynTao launched the “China’s Top 10 CSR Trends” in conjunction with Southern Weekly Corporate Social Responsibility Center and Caixin.com to provide inspiration and reference for the precise positioning of industry leaders and assist enterprises in establishing high-estate development plans for CSR.