Sustainability,the Engine of the Future Business


Jan.25th, 2018,13:00-17:00

Sustainable Consumption

New Trends in Sustainable Cities - environment protection residence and smooth traffic

Tentative Enterprises:INFINITUS, IKEA, Vipshop, Coca-Cola, Unilever , Mary Kay, Tetra Pak, H&M;

Sustainable consumption and production aim at “reducing consumption, increasing quantity, and improve quality”, that is, to increase net welfare gains of economic activities by reducing resource consumption, environmental degradation and pollution throughout the life cycle while improving the quality of life. Coca-Cola has set a “No waste” goal, using recycled plastic as packaging; Unilever is applying sustainable certification for its cleaning product materials, such as palm oil. There is a trend of sustainable development from raw material to packaging, from supply chain to consumption mode. Sustainable consumption is an important assistant and responsibility embodiment of enterprises participating in global sustainable development and shape sustainable commerce. In the future, business world, sustainable consumption is bound to become an important indicator of brand building and profitability sustaining.

Technology for good

New Living Styles - public engage in sustainable consumption

Tentative Enterprises:Alibaba,, Meituan, SAP, LONGI, IFLYTEK;

In the era of booming technology, it’s common to combine technology with commerce. While new trends are emerging, the application of technology in social and environmental fields has created new business opportunities for enterprises. Ants Forest, a community of 200 million people engaged in carbon trading, will open the door for ecological development of the carbon trading market and internet green finance; uses block chain to trace resource, which has improved the speed of distribution and solved the transparency problem for public supervision. IFLYTECH launched “three voice fortune” project to build a friendly environment for the deaf-mute through technological development. This summit will share how to use technology to promote economic, social and environmental win-win situation, and bring new thinking of how to make good use of science and technology to people from all walks of life.

Precision Poverty Alleviation

Achieving Healthy China 2030 - Create and Share Together

Tentative Enterprises:ZHENRO Group, SF Express, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Vipshop, Pingan Easy Money, E-house China;

From e-commerce poverty alleviation, photovoltaic poverty alleviation, financial poverty alleviation, migratory poverty alleviation to educational poverty alleviation and cultural poverty alleviation, many enterprises play a dominant role in the development of rural communities. When enterprises participate in targeted poverty alleviation, on the one hand, they should combine their own business advantages, cultivate the job skills of poor people, provide tools for poverty alleviation, and propose solutions fundamentally; on the other hand, they should open cooperation, build partnerships to construct a three-dimensional poverty alleviation model, to fully meet the demands of rural communities. Facing the goal of ending poverty by 2020, enterprises need to share experiences and practices, seek collaborative space, and create a three-dimensional poverty alleviation model, to achieve more solid and effective poverty alleviation results in the sprint stage, and effectively implement social responsibility.

Healthy China

The Win-Win Solutions - New Technology and application for the business and the society

Tentative Enterprises:3SBio, BD, Boston Scientific Corporation, Bayer, Mary Kay, INFINITUS, Sanofi-Synthelabo, Danone;

Health is the foundation for everyone, every family and even the development and prosperity of the whole society. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of 2030, good health and well-being, represents the human response to the pursuit of better living conditions. From production to sales, from green food to sports and fitness, there are new opportunities for the development of large health industries, which not only create new business opportunities to differentiate from competitors, but also win the trust of consumers. This summit will bring together innovators and entrepreneurs of health industry to discuss the new trend of sustainable development in China’s big health industry in the future.




Keynote Speech 1 “Sustainable consumption”
Keynote Speech 2 “Technology for good”
Roundtable discussion
Enterprise SDG project case set release
Keynote Speech 3 “Precision Poverty Alleviation”
Keynote Speech 4 “Healthy China”
Issue "10 CSR Trends to Watch"
Initiate "520 Public Responsibility Program"
“The night of the future” Social innovation buffet