CRO Global Summit

The CRO Global Summit is co-sponsored by prestigious universities in China,
professional advisory bodies and leading companies that are
committed to sustainable business development.


Sustainability,the Engine of the Future Business


Jan. 25th, 2018,13:00-17:00

Specifically, the summit would highlight 4 heated topics: Sustainable Cities, New Retail and New Fashion, Healthy China 2030 and Technology for Good. The participants would discuss the approaches of the future business driven by sustainability, the implementation of the SDGs in Chinese market, and the win-win solutions led by sustainable business.

New Trends in Sustainable Cities

Environment protection residence and smooth traffic

New Living Styles

Public engage in sustainable consumption

Create and Share Together

Achieving Healthy China 2030

The Win-Win Solutions

New technology and application for the business and the society


  • Alexander Andersson

    Sustainability Manager,Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) Production,China

  • Guo Peiyuan

    Director of board and Co-founder of SynTao Co., Ltd

  • Lu Jianzhong

    Lu Jianzhong China President of Weir Group

  • Luo Yan

    Vice President of Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

  • Bridge Mak

    Consultant of Corporate Social Responsibility Infinitus(China) Company Ltd.

  • Robert Rubinstein

    Chairman and Founding Partner of TBLI Group

  • Wayne Silby

    Co-founder and Chairman of SynTao

  • Sun Qi

    General Manager of CSR Department,Caixin Media Co.,Ltd.

  • Wendy Wang

    Vice President and Associate General Counsel Mary Kay Inc.

  • Jane Wang

    China Retail & Consumer Tax leader of PwC

  • Xu Shuaijun

    General Manager of Medical Department of CTI and President of CTI MEDLAB

  • Yuan Boyong

    Senior Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Bayer Greater China

  • Coco Zhang

    Chairman of Zhejiang Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment

  • Cindy Zhang

    Chair of CSR Forum of EU Chamber of Commerce’ Shanghai Chapter, Marketing and Corporate Communications Director, Stora Enso China

  • Zhang Shangzhou

    Public Affairs Manager Guangzhou Wang Lao Ji Great Health Industry Co.,Ltd.

  • Zhu Dajian

    Doctor of Management, Specially-Appointed Professor and PhD Supervisor with Tongji University